1) Locate your part using this interchange website
2) Copy the part number (Ctrl + C keys) at the same time
3) Go to www.JulesBorel.com
4) In the search bar on the upper right hand side, paste the part number into the search box (Ctrl + V keys)
5) If the part is in stock, place into your shopping cart and purchase when all items have been ordered.

*** Please refer to the www.JulesBorel.com website for current pricing ***

Case Parts Listing with Interchange

  Case #

  Try these references: SEK CS#1100-0010, ROL CS#1675

  See what happens when you enter a partial reference: OME CS#

  •   (For Citizen: replace the characters before the 'dash' with a '4' Ex:0321-S03178 becomes CIT CS#4-S03178)

  •  Search for parts for manufacturers from A to F
     Search for parts for manufacturers from G to O
     Search for parts for manufacturers from P to Z
     SEIKO cases starting with '1100-'